Sunday 23 November 2014
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Can CQC Be Better Suited For Purpose ?

David Walters from Care Homes insurance services, highlights actions undertaken by CQC at Sussex Care Home and asks the question can CQC be made more suited to purpose. David said "I would welcome a debate on how CQC should behave and what society at large wants/expects from them. Maybe we could start with asking CQC what they understand their role to be? "

Care News Update

3.5 million older people worried about keeping warm

Almost half of older people say increasing cost of energy is a major concern this winter

Care Act to clamp down on care home top-up fees

The government is to introduce new regulations making it harder for care homes to ask for top-up fees from families with relatives in care.

Nursing boss Christine Hayes failed to protect residents

A former nursing home director failed to protect vulnerable people in her care, a hearing has ruled.

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