Saturday 2 August 2014
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Can CQC Be Better Suited For Purpose ?

David Walters from Care Homes insurance services, highlights actions undertaken by CQC at Sussex Care Home and asks the question can CQC be made more suited to purpose. David said "I would welcome a debate on how CQC should behave and what society at large wants/expects from them. Maybe we could start with asking CQC what they understand their role to be? "

Care News Update

Councils Force Further Erosion of Real-Term Fee Rates for Care Homes

While fees paid last year saw a small uplift (though still failing to match inflation) which provided some respite to operators, this year"s findings signal a continuation into a fifth year of a dangerous trend which has seen these fee rates fall significantly in real terms in each successive year since 2010/11.

CQC consults on how providers can meet new 'fundamental standards' of care

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has drafted guidance on how the 46,000 health and adult social care providers and services that it regulates across England can meet the government's new regulations on care and what actions it will take when they fail.

Care Minister Norman Lamb fears exploitation of vulnerable older people over care home top-up fees.

Care Minister Norman Lamb fears "exploitation" of vulnerable older people over care home top-up fees.

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