Monday 22 September 2014
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Can CQC Be Better Suited For Purpose ?

David Walters from Care Homes insurance services, highlights actions undertaken by CQC at Sussex Care Home and asks the question can CQC be made more suited to purpose. David said "I would welcome a debate on how CQC should behave and what society at large wants/expects from them. Maybe we could start with asking CQC what they understand their role to be? "

Care News Update

Personal Social Services Expenditure and Costs

Commenting on Health and Social Care Information Centre figures in today"s "Personal Social Services Expenditure and Costs" report, Chief Executive of Independent Age, Janet Morrison, said:

The Kings Fund Blog:The deafening silence on the funding of health and care must be challenged

Chris Ham Chief Executive:The referendum on Scottish independence is a timely reminder that politics is about argument, debate and disagreement. The passion generated in the run-up to the referendum stands in stark contrast to the quiescence among the main political parties in the UK on the future of health and social care ahead of next May"s general election.

Police investigate Nottinghamshire care home video

Police are looking at secret video footage from a Nottinghamshire care home after concerns were raised about the quality of care there.

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