Tuesday 20 November 2018
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An unbelievable offer from MerciaCare For Guide2care subscribers


We are offering Guide2Care subscribers the opportunity to purchase all four of our CQC audit tools at an unbelievable price of £170.00 yes £170.00.

Alternative systems can cost you over £1000.00.

We have a track record of providing simple to use audit tools designed solely for the care sector, so we understand some of the issues you face.

This offer includes:
1) A set of completed PCAs  A set of 16 completed PCAs for you to customise  to reflect your operation.

2) CQC  Audit Tool  that allows you to review each CQC quality outcome and to measure your compliance against that outcome. Hence identifying where improvements can be made.

3) Cleanliness & Infection Control Audit Tool that allows you to comply with CQC Quality Outcome No8 and the Social Care Act 2008 by reviewing  all infection control, it includes operating policies, guidance notes for staff training

4) Care Planning & Risk Assessment System  A risk assessment and care planning system designed to help you review your current care planning procedures and to provide ideas to improve your current practices

                                                                           All the above £170.00

MerciaCare audit systems will provide you with confidence and peace of mind knowing that you comply with CQC regulations.
Visit www.merciacare.co.uk for details and how to order.