Monday 17 December 2018
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Andy Burnham commits to bringing social care into the NHS

Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham has pledged to bring social care into the NHS so that we have one service and one team – an NHS for the whole person.

In a speech at the Labour Party Conference, Mr Burnham promised to end 'slapdash' 15-minute home care visits and provide new support for unpaid carers, including funding for carers' breaks and the right to an annual health check. The focus is on providing person-centred care in and around the home.

Alzheimer's Society Chief Executive, Jeremy Hughes, says:

    'Integrating health and social care is a welcome step. But whoever forms the next Government must address overall funding. This is wider than the proceeds of a Mansion Tax. People with dementia should have as much right to state funding for the support they need as people with other conditions such as cancer.

    'We shouldn't assume that everything the NHS does is right and everything care providers do is wrong. A new system must take the best of both and put the patient and the carer's interests first.'