Friday 14 December 2018
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Briarwood care home owners and worker jailed after resident scalded

The husband and wife owners of a care home where a 99-year-old woman was left scalded in a bath have been jailed.

Indranee Pumbien, 59, and her 64-year-old husband Meghadeven Pumbien received sentences of 18 months and nine months respectively at Preston Crown Court.

The couple ran the Briarwood Rest Home in Todd Lane South, Lostock Hall, Preston, which has now reopened under a different name and with new owners.

One of their employees, Niphawan Berry, 42, was jailed for five months.

At a hearing in August, Mrs Pumbien, of Grosvenor Place, Preston, had also been found guilty of force-feeding elderly residents.

Her husband and Berry, of Christ Church Street, Preston, were also convicted of failing to get urgent medical care for the woman after she was scalded.

'Complex inquiry'

The court previously heard Margaret Wheatley suffered extensive burns to her legs and feet and the Pumbiens tried to evade scrutiny by saying she had cellulitis and an infection.

Det Ch Insp Jill Johnston, of Lancashire Police, said: "Today's sentences mark the end of a long and complex inquiry into the ill-treatment of residents at Briarwood Care Home.

"We don't believe that the behaviour of Mr and Mrs Pumbien and Niphawan Berry reflects the behaviour of the majority of staff who worked at Briarwood and the care home is now under completely new ownership with the levels of care provided to patients carefully monitored.

"I am pleased that these defendants have been brought to account for their appalling behaviour towards the victims.

"They were the very people who were trusted to care for the residents and were supposed to look after them, but instead they abused and mistreated them."