Thursday 18 October 2018
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Care home rapist Colin Stokes victims' due for compensation

The families of three disabled women who were raped by a worker at their care home, are to receive compensation.

Colin Stokes, 49, from Gloucestershire, was jailed for 14 years last year for the attacks in 2012/13.

The firm that employed Stokes admitted liability over the abuse he carried out.

Solicitor Andrew Hannam, who represents the victims, said insurance cover was in place to allow for payments to be made.

"I am very pleased that the admission has been made and that there is insurance cover in place to provide some substantive compensation for the horrific abuse suffered by the victims at the hands of Colin Stokes," said Mr Hannam, of Foot Anstey Solicitors.

When the attacks took place, the victims were aged 32, 50 and 54 and were in supported living accommodation, which cannot be named and has since closed.

One victim has the mental age of a child, another is registered blind and the third needs help to communicate. They cannot be named for legal reasons.

A report published last month as part of a serious case review found Stokes, from Dursley, may have had more victims.