Friday 19 October 2018
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Failing to Care Coalition calls for an end to unnecessary reassessment of NHS continuing care eligibility

The 'Failing to Care Coalition' has called for an end to the unnecessary and distressing reassessment for NHS continuing care, for people with progressive and non-improving conditions.
The Coalition, of which Alzheimer's Society is a member, presented this in a letter to Norman Lamb MP, Minister of State For Care and Support today.

NHS Continuing Care is a care package that provides funding for people with complex and advanced health conditions. Following an assessment, those eligible should receive free care for nursing, social and personal care and accommodation cost.

The Coalition is calling to put an end to the reassessment of those with progressive or non-improving conditions like Parkinson's and dementia. From today, those eligible for NHS Continuing Care will have the new right to request a personal health budget. While this has the potential to improve care, people with progressive and non-improving conditions are still constantly under threat of losing their funding due to reassessments.

Alzheimer's Society comment:

    'People with dementia often require round the clock care, putting huge strain on families and individuals both emotionally and financially. The financial support provided by NHS continuing healthcare is a life line for people with dementia and their carers.

    'It is deeply concerning that so many people are subjected to frequent and unnecessary assessments that threaten to take away the support they rely on. The nature of progressive conditions like dementia mean that care needs will at best remain the same but more likely will increase, making reassessment illogical.'

George McNamara
Head of Policy and Public Affairs
Alzheimer's Society