Friday 19 October 2018
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Herefordshire Council plan increase in cost of adult care

People in Herefordshire could face increased charges for a range of social services, under plans put forward by the county council.

The proposals could affect services such as community meals, day care and home care.

About 2,000 people are thought to be affected, according to Herefordshire Council.

The authority said it intended to reduce subsidies and charge the full cost of services, where possible.

Residential care is not part of the proposals, but other areas of adult care would be subject to means testing.

Councillor Patricia Morgan said: "Reductions in budgets mean we have to prioritise how we spend our money, but the proposed changes would only affect those who can afford to pay."

She added that the Conservative-led authority also wanted to encourage "independent living".

A public consultation has been launched and runs until 20 August.