Saturday 17 November 2018
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CQC is retained as a QUANGO on the basis of its impartiality!

“We all knew that CQC was not to be chucked on the Coalition Government’s QUANGO bonfire, but now we learn that the saving grace of this near useless, top-heavy bureaucracy is its “impartiality,” says John Burton, Head of The Association of Care Managers.

“While CQC hits out impartially at care homes to distract attention from their failings, misusing figures to direct the blame for not registering care managers on providers rather than on themselves, I thought I’d do some quick analysis of the information provided on CQC’s website.”

Every day, worried and desperate relatives are turning to the CQC website to try to find a suitable care service. They will see: “Search the care directory to find out how well your care services are meeting essential standards of quality and safety.”

Well, that should be interesting. Let’s have a look at some of the nearby homes: “xxx home is registered . . . or in the final stages of being registered (subject to application approval by CQC).” It says that for all the services. Are they registered or not?

In search of something more useful, the inquirer on the CQC website might notice that there is more information available: “Find out more about historic ratings and inspection reports for this location.” They are then sent back to the old CQC listing of homes where the information may be a little more “historic” than they bargained for.

I looked at the 33 care services nearest to a specific post code.

There were 11 “excellent” services
15 “good” services
4 “adequate” services
and 3 that had not yet been rated.
Out of these 30 services to have been inspected and rated
8 had been inspected during the last year
13 had been inspected the year before last
1 had been inspected more than two but less than three years ago
and 8 had been inspected more than three years ago.

Top of CQC’s priority list is “We want people to be able to shape their own care around their needs, and to have a voice. To do this, they need up-to-date, relevant and accurate information so that they can make informed choices about their care.”

Oh yeah?

Source John Burton ACM