Wednesday 17 October 2018
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Independent Age comment on DOH consultation on Cap on Care Costs

On the publication of the Department of Health’s consultation on draft regulations and guidance to implement the cap on care costs, Janet Morrison, Chief Executive of Independent Age, said:

“We welcome the care cap as a genuine attempt to limit the potentially catastrophic costs of care that some people face. We especially welcome measures which mean that people with assets of less than £118,000 will get some help with care home fees. However the cap is not a cure-all for a system that is badly underfunded and relatively few older people will truly benefit from it. Reaching the cap will be a difficult, lengthy and costly task  and thousands of elderly and vulnerable people could still end up paying  out much more than the £72,000 limit. Those with only ‘moderate’ needs will not benefit at all because nothing they spend will count towards the cap. Further and more significant action is needed to improve our now-crumbling social care system.”