Thursday 18 October 2018
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Midway Care Group brings a fresh perspective

A small, but rapidly expanding operator in the West Midlands is leading the way in the learning difficulties care sector.

It has at its core a strong, person centred ethos, which perpetuates throughout the whole organisation.

The company’s commitment to its core beliefs has enabled it to forge both successful and proactive strategic partnerships with Primary Care Trusts and Social Services departments.

Midway Care Group has now embarked on a unique project in partnership with Staffordshire County Council, Tamworth Borough Council, Lichfield District Council and Havercroft Construction. This development, named Fazeley has been redeveloped from a 19th century boatyard to provide proactive, meaningful and transitional care for people within and around the surrounding area.

Located in a unique canal-side setting, Fazeley is a state-of-the-art supported housing complex for 20 adults with learning disabilities and associated needs. 

The idea behind Fazeley is to combine a mixture of residential, transition and support services all on one site. Inside, the accommodation will be split into three parts: residential flats, shared supported housing and a transitional training provision.

With technology and support, Midway Care Group aim to provide a better quality service that will be more cost effective. 

But the basis of the services provided at Fazeley will be designed around the ethos of person-centred care, where the individual is treated as such.  

Different systems of support will be determined depending on the individual's needs and aspirations. For example, a TEACCH system might be adopted for someone who is classically Autistic, whilst another individual may need help getting up for work and so a system would be put into place where support staff will call them and talk them through their routine. 

The project at Fazeley is the continuation of Midway Care Group’s commitment to providing specialised residential and transitional services to individuals with learning disabilities and associated needs in an environment where rights, independence and choice are the focus of that service. 

The main aim of the project is to make a real and meaningful difference to local people with learning disabilities and associated needs. By respecting tradition, the local community, and by putting in place support structures that encourage transitions, the Fazeley project will not only transform the landscape, but also the lives of people who call it home.

For more information on Midway Care Group, or of ‘The Fazeley Project’ please use the link below.

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