Friday 19 October 2018
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Report is not fair - care homes residents

residents and family members have given a passionate defence of a Worcester care home criticised in a watchdog report, saying the care there is excellent.

Residents and staff at Westwood Care Home in Bath Road, Worcester, have hit out at the Care Quality Commission (CQC), saying the inspectors’ report does not reflect the high quality of care provided.

A report published last Friday suggested that Westwood’s record keeping was not up to scratch because photographs of residents weren’t present on Medical Administration Records (MAR charts) which inspectors said meant residents could be given the wrong medication.

But Tony Downer, the registered manager, hit out at NHS paperwork and said each member of his staff knew the needs of all residents, and accidents such as falls were always logged.

He said: “The increased emphasis on paperwork does not allow us to deliver the sort of care that they’re concerned about.

“Being inspected is a very hard, stressful and tough experience. It can make you feel tired, stressed, worried and angry.

“The trick is to recognise the difference between put-downs and constructive criticism.”

Mr Downer said the small home of 12 people favoured a personal touch and ‘stability’ for residents and the home keeps ‘person-centred care plans’ complete with photographs of residents and information about their needs, interests, previous jobs, childhood and their medical notes.

Brenda Legg, aged 90, was joining in the singing yesterday with Nikki Innes, who comes to the home for exercise to music sessions.

She said: “I like it here, all of it. The food is good. I get all the help I need. I’m never bored. I’m quite satisfied. We’re all happy.”

Joe Smith, aged 84, said: “I’m pleased with the way it is. People take the time to help me and look after me.”

Pat Knapman, aged 66, of Battenhall, Worcester, was visiting her husband’s aunt, 90-year-old Joan Morgan, who has been at Westwood for three years.

She said: “I think this place is brilliant.

“My mother was in another care home about 10 years ago and it completely put me off care homes.

“It was so impersonal. The staff were always changing and it used to smell. They would open the door and you could smell urine and there were people screaming.

“It’s not like that here. It’s a really nice place and they care about people.”

Care was also praised by Dave Price and brother Terry whose 98-year-old mother Vera has been at the home for two-and-a-half years after suffering two strokes.

Dave Price, 70, of Martley, said: “I’m very pleased. As far as I’m concerned they don’t want for anything.

“The criticism has shocked me. I couldn’t believe it because it doesn’t coincide with what I know to be true.”

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