Thursday 13 December 2018
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Responding to the Autumn Statement, Charity Director of Age UK,

The importance of the NHS to older people and to our country cannot be overstated and it is in all our interests that the service is resourced to function effectively and meet older people's needs.

'We welcome the additional funding committed today to the NHS as a first step in meeting the extra £8bn a year the NHS has itself calculated it requires by 2020.

'Age UK calls on every political party to commit to making this investment. However, each party must also recognise that additional investment in the NHS will fail to stabilise and sustain the service unless and until the social care funding gap is also filled.

'We know spending on social care has been cut by nearly £700m since 2010. Millions of older people, especially the over-85s, need social care as well as health care and it is morally indefensible as well as economically foolish to deprive them of it.

'Yet at present we know that almost 900,000 older people in England with a social care need are going without help of any kind and that their numbers are increasing day by day.'