Wednesday 12 December 2018
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A third of London GPs unable to diagnose dementia according to study

The new commissioning models will not meet the challenge of the growing need for dementia care according to a new study by the Institute for Public Policy Research (ippr).

The study of services in London, commissioned by the City of London Corporation's City Bridge Trust, reveals that the capital is facing a number of serious problems in the future provision of care for people with dementia. These include:

* Less than a third of GPs in the capital say they are able to diagnose dementia or to provide sufficient help for dementia sufferers
* Failures of integration between health and social care services

Alzheimer's Society comment,

'It's very worrying that less than a third of GPs in the capital say they are able to diagnose dementia. It's hugely important that GPs are trained in how to detect the signs of dementia and feel confident in supporting people with the condition. Getting an early diagnosis enables people with dementia to understand their condition, access treatments that could help relieve their symptoms and give them time to plan for the future.

Dementia is a growing and costly problem but money in many areas is not being spent well. Whilst we welcome the forthcoming health reforms, they must improve care for people with dementia if they are truly going to transform care for all. Joint working between health and social care is essential to stop people with dementia falling through the cracks. A million people with be living with dementia in ten years. We must act now.'

Louise Lakey
Policy Manager
Alzheimer's Society