Wednesday 12 December 2018
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Aide Memoire for the Provider Compliance Assessment Tool


Aide Memoire for the Provider Compliance Assessment Tool


W&P Assessment and Training Centre have produced a comprehensive seventy five page PCA Aide Memoire for Managers (or others) to assist you in completion of your Provider Compliance Assessment Tool.


The Aide Memoire has been designed specifically to make filling out your PCA Tool easier and features the following…


•   Managers notes for each key outcome.


•   Bullet point prompts, detailing what to include for your service.


•   Keyword grids for the appropriate descriptive narrative.


•   Action plan examples.



Preview the PCA Aide Memoire on our website at:



The Aide Memoire has been tried and tested and is simple to use, simply read the manager’s notes section for the outcome you are working on, read the question on the CQC PCA tool, use the tips from the Aide Memoir, cross referenced with the key words grid to ensure that you are conveying the service provision accurately and make sure that you’ve matched the correct questions and answers.


For a limited time only the PCA Aide Memoire is available for just £59.99



For further information contact W&P Assessment and Training Centre on 01305 767104 or visit




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