Friday 19 October 2018
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Apprenticeship tender opportunity

Skills for Care is inviting interest from social care employers or organisations working in partnership with employers (e.g. training providers, Group Training Association, Apprenticeship Training Agencies) to increase the number of Advanced Level social care Apprenticeships. We are making up to £180,000 of funds available to support multiple projects in order to achieve the following:


Headline objective:

Increase the number of Health and Social Care apprentices at Advanced Level amongst employers or host organisations. This is to enable employers to respond to the changing needs of the sector, and to develop effective and sustainable workforce planning to increase business performance through Apprenticeships.


Additional objectives:


Support the development of infrastructure amongst employers not currently engaged in Apprenticeships.


To support employers expand existing Apprenticeship programmes within the workplace through partnership activity, consortia and infrastructure development.


Increase the number of 16-18 year olds on accelerated career pathways through Advanced Level Apprenticeships


Contribute to greater equality and diversity of Apprenticeships by increasing the number of under-represented groups employed in social care; for example male workers and personal assistants who support individual employers.


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