Friday 14 December 2018
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Care worker assaulted dementia sufferer

A care worker who assaulted a resident at a nursing home has been jailed for eight weeks. A court heard Krzysztof Malecki intimately touched an elderly dementia patient at the Gorsey Clough care home, as he and another care worker were undressing her.

He then laughed about what he had done.

Judge Timothy Clayson told 26-year-old Malecki at Bolton Crown Court: “This was not merely inappropriate, it was highly disrespectful and humiliating towards your victim and a gross breach of trust.

“The essence of your job was to protect and care for people such as this lady.”

Mr Michael Wallbank, prosecuting, told the court how Malecki’s victim, aged 79, suffered from dementia and was frail, immobile and unable to talk. She had been a resident at the care home since 2005.

But in February, 2009, Malecki and fellow care worker, Tina Kearns, were in the process of putting the woman into her pyjamas as she sat in her wheelchair when Malecki assaulted her.

“The witness (Ms Kearns) described herself as being in complete shock,” said Mr Wallbank.

“Fortunately the victim did not appear to be affected by his actions.”

Ms Kearns reported the incident and in December, 2009, police arrested Malecki, who has since been sacked by the care home.

The victim’s family, when they learned about the abuse, moved her to another home, where she died in September last year.

Adrian Farrow, defending, said Malecki acknowledged that his behaviour was unacceptable.

“He had no intention to cause harm or distress to the woman or her family,” said Mr Farrow.

He added that Malecki realised he had no future as a carer and intended to find work as a cleaner or factory worker to support his partner and their five-month-old daughter.

Malecki, of Walshaw Road, Bury, pleaded guilty to assault.

Judge Clayson added: “The public must have confidence in knowing that if they place their relatives in places, care homes such as Gorsey Clough, that they will always be protected.”

After the hearing, the victim’s sister said she was disappointed by the length of the sentence.

“I was horrified by what he did — sick to the stomach,” she said. “Yes, my sister had dementia but no one can say that she wasn’t aware of what happened to her.”

A statement from Gorsey Clough said that, two years ago, the Care Quality Commission gave the home a three-star rating and that before Malecki joined the staff he underwent enhanced criminal records checks and was able to produce excellent references.

“The care, safety and dignity of our residents is our number one priority at all times,” said the statement.

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