Wednesday 17 October 2018
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CQC excellence scheme response: hear our voice

Martin Green, Chief Executive of ECCA, says:

“There have been some clear messages to CQC about the approach they intend to take to excellence, and the consultation on the development of this scheme will be a real indicator as to whether or not the CQC has actually listened to advice.”

Martin Green continues:

“The cost of regulation has been rising significantly and yet the performance of the regulator is of an unacceptably low standard.  Their proposal to have an excellence scheme which does not differentiate between levels of quality will not be fit for purpose and there is certainly no justification for levying an extra cost on an already overburdened sector.  CQC must wake up to the fact that charging a lot for regulation requires them to deliver something that’s useful for service users and carers, and helps to improve quality.  If the excellence scheme is going to achieve both of these objectives it will need to be radically different from the one that is currently proposed.”