Thursday 15 November 2018
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NCA and ECCA Critical of CQC over Managers

After last weeks announcement from CQC and Johns Burton's Article, both the NCA and ECCA have been critical of the report.
The NCA called it a ludicrous claim.

The National Care Association has robustly challenged the Care Quality Commission's (CQC) claim that 1000 care homes across England have no registered manager under the terms of new regulations.

NCA chairman, Nadra Ahmed OBE, said today: “We are mystified by this misleading claim by the CQC, which we feel has no basis in fact at a time when confidence in their services is at an all time low. The truth of the matter is that up to October 1st the CQC has been in the process of re-registering care homes under the provision of the Health and Social Care Act 2008. Re-registration has been a process that has occupied the CQC during this period.

The ‘1000 care homes without a manager’ claim in part refers to the fact that six months ago the CQC announced that the registration by potential new managers would not begin until after October 1st, when the re-registration of care homes process was complete although potential new managers were asked to submit their applications. Therefore, to make headline-seeking claims that 1000 care homes do not have a registered manager is a grotesque distortion of the facts. It is because of the actions of CQC itself that many of the homes do not have registered managers. We are astonished at these distortions which will lead to headlines which will create needless anxiety for the general public and care home residents alike.'

Martin Green from ECCA said "CQC makes no mention, however, of any backlog in processing applications from managers to be registered with CQC. We understand that this process can take up to 16 weeks. As a result we suggest that a good number of the 1,000 homes have appointed a manager, but are waiting for the registration process to be completed.”

Martin Green continues:

“We would ask CQC to check where there are genuine vacancies or where processes for registration are still ongoing. We do want to work with all parties to look at the issue of manager recruitment, but it must be recognised that regulators and commissioners also have a role to play in working with providers to address this issue.”

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