Monday 17 December 2018
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Deeply worrying survey reponse

Last Weeks News Article on "Deeply Worrying Survey" Produced some very heated reponses which will be fowarded
BASW ....

Its funny how this report has surfaced, what it does not say here is that only 256 social workers took part in the survey so 81% of 256 is only 207 out of how many social workers nationwide. If there are 10,000 social workers in England and Wales, then the 256 becomes 0.25% of social workers having witnessed abuse, what it does not state is how many actually reported abuse. The BASW should not be allowed to publish such a misleading report this is almost as bad as the hacking scandal. Over 80% feel that homes should not be run for profit, how many social workers would work for free then - none. Whether care is taken out of council hands and put in the hands of the NHS or not social workers will still be employed at higher rates than the support workers on the front line. We often hear of social workers and their unsocial hours and high caseloads and of course their low pay and poor benefits, they do not have to change the bedding or work with the service users on a daily basis for low pay and lousy benefits. If social workers feel that most homes should be closed due to poor care then maybe they should work in those same care homes themselves, work at the coal face not just in the back office.


As a Nominated Individual and constantly told by CQC that I and others like myself would be responsible if we saw abuse and did nothing, why is it that social workers bleat about it, but don't report what they see, only come forward when a survey is done and they hit the headlines. Don't they have a duty of care? The rest of us have and are constantly reminded of the responsibility. Social Workers should work for some time in care homes whilst training as teachers do on teaching practice, they would have a better understanding of real life situations and might report and sort things out when they recognise what is happening.The social Workers who have worked their way up firstly working in care home and as community workers are the ones who would not sit by and watch and then have a knee jerk reaction when something goes wrong.