Tuesday 13 November 2018
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The FallsX InfraRed Bedside Monitor can be used for either Falls or Wandering Prevention in Care Homes, Domiciliary Care or Hospitals. The monitor uses infrared detection technology to determine when a fall risk patient leaves the bed, or when a patient leaves the room day or night without calling for help. The monitor sounds an alarm locally to alert the caregiver when the patient breaks an infrared beam eliminating the need for sensor pads, or can be silenced locally and only trigger through existing nurse-call or to a pager. This monitor is completely portable and can be either battery or mains powered.

Other Fall Monitoring options include a Bed & Chair sensor pad, or a high quality floor sensor pad. Prices from £47.50. For more information call 08000 232 942 or visit us at www.fallsx.co.uk

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