Saturday 17 November 2018
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CQC proposes £3.3m hike in fees for care providers

Adult care providers in England face a £3.3m hike in annual regulatory fees next year under proposals launched for consultation today by the Care Quality Commission.

Though some providers would face lower fees, many would see an increase.

Fees for care home providers would continue to be based on the number of places they provide, though the structure will change. Fees for other providers would be based on the number of locations from which they provide services.

The annual fee for a care home with 25 registered places would rise from £2,772 to £3,000, while a domiciliary care agency with two registered branches would face an increase from £1,882 to £2,000 a year.

The changes are intended to increase the share of the CQC's regulatory costs met by fees from 56% to 67%, and is part of a gradual move towards full cost recovery, in line with government policy.

Source Community Care