Wednesday 17 October 2018
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Improvements to National Minimum Data Set for Social Care are being rolled out


After consultations with sector employers Skills for Care has announced significant changes to the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC) designed to make it easier to input their data.


The changes were introduced based on suggestions made during ongoing consultations with employers and it was agreed to remove the monthly pay option and the question on continuity in the sector.


This is part of a clear commitment from Skills for Care to minimise the burden on employers by only asking for data items that are essential, and simplifying the data input process.


The Establishment Information Report has been updated to allow employers to check their information to see if there are any gaps in the data. Employers can use this report - along with the ‘My Workers’ report - to help people claiming from the Workforce Development Fund to ensure they have met the required criteria related to NMDS-SC completion.

Source: Skills for Care

Feedback from NMDS-SC users has led to an ‘unknown’ option being added to the Nationality and Country of Birth questions and ethnicity groups have been changed to fully reflect those used in the 2011 Census. All ethnicity data that was previously entered into NMDS-SC has been automatically mapped across to the new groups.


An update button has been added to various sections within the organisation and worker records to enable employers to confirm that they have checked the data and it is correct and up to date.


Skills for Care welcomes feedback or questions via the NMDS-SC Helpdesk on 0845 873 0129, which is open Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm.