Wednesday 17 October 2018
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Jo Williams responds to Which? report

Consumer group Which? has this week published the results of an investigation into standards at care homes. The report was produced after four actors each spent a week living in a care home as a resident in order to assess the quality of care provided.

Which? shared the results of their investigation with CQC before publication and we provided them with a full report on the action we are taking in relation to each home. In one case, we acted immediately to suspend admissions to the home. The report has received national coverage. The care homes are anonymised in the published report as Which? has taken a decision not to name the homes publicly.

The Commission's chair, Dame Jo Williams, said: "The evidence Which? shared with us describes care that falls below what people using social care services have a right to expect  - in one case so seriously that we acted immediately to ensure admissions to the home were suspended and are now considering the best action for residents currently living there.

"CQC listens to the views and experience of people who use services and look at what data tells us in order to identify possible risks, then reviews and inspects services. Seeing for ourselves what's going on in care homes is a key part of our regulatory regime - and almost all of our visits are unannounced. Where necessary, we require improvements against clear timescales or take enforcement action, following up to ensure these improvements have been delivered."

"However, while regulation sets essential standards and enables providers to be held to account, the primary responsibility for quality and safety with providers and the staff who work for them. Care professionals and managers in health and social care are closest to those who use services and have a duty to take steps to stop or report poor care whenever they see it. Everyone in the sector needs to work together to ensure quality."

Source CQC