Thursday 15 November 2018
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More inspections on dignity and nutrition in 2012

CQC will be inspecting a further 50 NHS hospitals and 500 adult social care services as part of our work on dignity and nutrition.

The original Dignity and nutrition review took place between March and June 2011. CQC reviewed 100 NHS hospitals using teams of CQC inspectors, practising and experienced nurses and Experts by experience.

The 50 NHS hospitals that will be inspected next year will be a combination of hospitals that raised concerns during the original review and a new sample of other locations.

CQC will also look at dignity and nutrition in 500 care homes around the country. These inspections will start early next year and they hope to involve people with experience of these services. A national report is planned for the autumn.

CQC will publish more details about these inspections shortly.