Saturday 15 December 2018
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More than 25,000 people are estimated to be living with dementia in the area covered by the North East Combined Authority.

George McNamara, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at Alzheimer’s Society discusses North East devolution and the future of dementia care.
Our current health and social care system is complex and fragmented, making it difficult for people with dementia and their carers to navigate.

This results in some of the most vulnerable people in our communities being unable to access vital care and support.

Devolution is a chance to change this. It gives us the opportunity to accelerate progress towards a more integrated health and social care system which works better for everyone, including those living with dementia.

As our population ages and public spending cuts continue to have an impact on the capacity of local authorities to invest in adult social care, now is the time for us to work together to drive integration forward, creating a modern health and social care system which is both cost-effective and tailored to the needs of North East communities.

I am delighted that the North East Combined Authority has begun an ambitious programme of work around the integration of health and social care in the region, building on the work of local NHS vanguard sites, the Better Care Fund and other initiatives. We look forward to working alongside partners in the North East to ensure that both people living with dementia and carers are able to participate fully in debates around health and social care devolution, influencing the design and delivery of services which are vitally important in helping them to live well with dementia.