Friday 19 October 2018
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Deeply worrying survey reponse

Last Weeks News Article on "Deeply Worrying Survey"Produced some very heated reponses which will be fowardedBASW ....

Brain scan may identify Alzheimers disease before symptoms appear, says study

A brain scan may reveal those at risk of Alzheimer's by highlighting changes in the brain before people experience symptoms, research published Wednesday, 24 August in Neurology suggests.

Arden Vale Castlebeck care home residents removed

Residents at a care home run by a company at the centre of allegations of abuse have been rehomed.

Harlow care home inquiry: resident 'had bruises'

An elderly resident at a care home being investigated for mistreatment allegations was taken to hospital with severe bruising, her family said.

Living well with dementia: A Design Council challenge

A national challenge has been launched by the Design Council, in partnership with the Department of Health, to develop new design-led ideas for products and services that make life simpler and more enjoyable for those with dementia, and for their carers.

Personalisation Agenda Takes Bite out of Councils Homecare Budget Spend

The pattern of year-on-year increases in the volume of homecare hours purchased by local authoritieshas come to an end showing that, after a 15 year run of growth, spending in 2009/10 was down 8% over the previous 12 month period.