Wednesday 17 October 2018
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The heroes of Winterbourne View

While we should be grateful to Panorama for revealing the disgusting treatment of residents at Winterbourne View, the real heroes are Terry Bryan, the whistleblower, and Simon, Simone and the other residents who resisted and fought back.

CQC statement on Panorama investigation

Tuesday,s BBC Panorama programme highlighted serious abuse and appalling standards of care at Winterbourne View, a private hospital for people with learning disabilities.

Southern Cross to Raise 100 million

According to the Sunday Times Southern Cross plans to raise £100 million of new equity, close 200 care homes and change its name, the Sunday Times reported, without revealing its sources

Care Quality Commission has shortage of inspectors

England's care home regulator has a staff shortage of nearly 300, including some 133 inspectors, it has said.

Winterbourne View whistle-blower plans help website

The whistle-blower at the centre of an abuse investigation at a care home near Bristol is setting up a website to help people in a similar position.

More NHS trusts failing to properly feed elderly patients

After the Care Quality Commission last week found that three health trusts had broken the law with regards to the treatment of older people, today, two further NHS trusts have been criticised for not feeding elderly patients properly.