Tuesday 25 September 2018
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Care home opens 1950s shop for elderly residents

A care home for the elderly has recreated a 1950s-style Co-op shop to remind its residents of the happiest times of their lives.

Care worker assaulted dementia sufferer

A CARE worker who assaulted a resident at a nursing home has been jailed for eight weeks. A court heard Krzysztof Malecki intimately touched an elderly dementia patient at the Gorsey Clough care home, as he and another care worker were undressing her.

Skills for Care launches new resources to boost social care apprenticeships

Skills for Care has launched a new range of user-friendly resouces featuring social care apprentices telling their own stories.

Mistakes in drug doses common when elderly use inhalers

Older people using inhalers run a greater risk of taking the wrong dose of medicine, according to new research from Leeds University.

Care home death whistle-blower receives award

The woman who blew the whistle on a care home manager later found guilty of killing one of her residents has received an award.

Two cheers for CQC

I have at last found something to congratulate CQC on! says John Burton, Head of The Association of Care Managers (ACM), "A proper inspection which concentrated on what really matters - the care of residents.