Thursday 15 November 2018
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Dementia research funding to be prioritised

Dementia research is being prioritised from March, Paul Burstow, the Care Services Minister, will announce.The Minister will say that he wants more of the billion pound research budget to be spent on dementia research

Wilful neglect charges for former Dartford care home manager

A 59-year-old former care home manager is facing charges of wilful neglect and ill treatment under the mental health act.

CQC review of stroke care finds large variation in support for people after stroke across England

A major review by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) on stroke care has found the extent to which patients are supported in coping with life after stroke varies significantly across England.

Red tape hinders elderly care in Wales report finds

Red tape and overly cautious officials are problems facing people who care for the elderly, a report has found.Care organisations say "common sense and trust" need to be brought back into Wales' care system for elderly people.

Kent County Council care home closure plan approved

Plans to close care homes for elderly people across Kent have been approved. Eleven care homes are affected and Kent County Council (KCC) said each site had been considered separately.

Tablet splitting may affect dose

Belgian scientists have raised concerns about the common practice of 'tablet splitting', whereby patients or nursing home staff cut pills into smaller pieces to make them easier to swallow.