Tuesday 21 November 2017
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Malnutrition: UK,s Silent Killer

Over 2,300 adults have needlessly died from diseases linked to malnutrition over a 10 year periodMalnutrition is fast becoming the 21st century,s silent killer, with over 2,300 adults dying from illnesses related to poor nutrition in hospitals alone. This is a worrying figure for a developed nation such as the UK.

Bristol nursing home staff ignored dementia sufferers

Carers at a Bristol nursing home ignored dementia sufferers despite repeated calls for help, inspectors have found.

Music-based exercise reduces falls in elderly people

Exercising to music can help elderly people improve their balance and reduce the number of falls they have, a study has found.

Diabetes drug could be a potential treatment for Alzheimer's, study claims

New research claims that a drug commonly used in the treatment of type II diabetes can help treat Alzheimer's disease.

Care home staff blame red tape for empty beds

Staff at a Shropshire care home have claimed beds available for the elderly are not being filled due to problems with red tape.

This vision needs leaders

If the Coalition Governments Vision for Social Care is to become a reality, the managers of front-line services will lead many of the changes necessary. But after years of compliance with top-down policies, can these managers take the initiative?