Tuesday 13 November 2018
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This vision needs leaders

If the Coalition Governments Vision for Social Care is to become a reality, the managers of front-line services will lead many of the changes necessary. But after years of compliance with top-down policies, can these managers take the initiative?

LGA response to Government's vision for adult social care

Responding to the Department of Health's vision for adult social care announced today by Care Services Minister Paul Burstow, Cllr David Rogers, Chairman of the Local Government Association's Community Wellbeing Board, said:Local government is committed to providing the best possible level of adult social care so people in need can enjoy the independence, respect and dignity they deserve.

Payment by results could be introduced in adult care

Payment by results could be introduced to offer incentives for adult care providers to improve, the government said this week.Providers' income from councils could be linked to performance in adult care, in a similar fashion to payment by results systems used in the NHS and the welfare-to-work systems, a proposed performance framework stated.


The government's roll-out of personal budgets could be scuppered by cuts, a lack of support for users and the collapse of traditional services, campaigners have warned.

New CEO for Counsel and Care

Counsel and Care, the national charity working with older people, their families and carers to get the best care and support, announces the appointment of its new Chief Executive, Peter Watt.

CQO - Care Quango Omissions

Who benefits from CQC? It is difficult to see that CQC is of any possible benefit to residents of care homes and their relatives, or to people trying to find a suitable care home. Yet care home residents pay £100 a year for the service that CQC claims to provide.