Saturday 17 November 2018
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Paul Burstow: Councils have no excuse to cut adult care

Care services minister Paul Burstow has told councils that they have no excuse to cut adult social care despite yesterday's spending review delivering cuts of 26% to councils over the next four years.

Second study links B vitamins and Alzheimer's

New research on the link between B vitamins and Alzheimer's disease has been published in the journal Neurology.

Spending Review: Care cuts 'may hit hospital beds'

Hospital beds in England may fill up with the elderly and vulnerable because of cuts to local authority social care funding, a top NHS figure has warned.

David Behan writes to Directors of Adult Social Services

David Behan, Director General, Social Care, Local Government and Care Partnerships has written to Directors of Adult Social Services to lay out the implications of the Spending Review settlement for social care.

Government to protect elderly care budget from cuts

The coalition government will protect funds for elderly care, a Treasury official said Saturday.

CQC is retained as a QUANGO on the basis of its impartiality!

We all knew that CQC was not to be chucked on the Coalition Government's QUANGO bonfire, but now we learn that the saving grace of this near useless, top-heavy bureaucracy is its impartiality.