Sunday 9 December 2018
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Post-hospital care given extra 70m

More money is being made available to the NHS in order to improve care for elderly people who are discharged from hospitals in England.

Hundreds of thousands could gain access to Alzheimers treatments

Hundreds of thousands of people with Alzheimers disease who have been denied medical treatment could soon be given access to life-changing drugs on the NHS.

CQC seeks boost in credibility

Just when the shambles of re-registration is about to be revealed, the Care Quality Commission has attempted to divert attention by releasing misleading information about"taking strong measures to protect people"

Vulnerable elderly 'forced to pay for medical care'

Vulnerable elderly people are being unfairly forced to pay for health care, the new chairman of the House of Commons health committee says.

34 care homes and eight care agencies shut down by CQC

Thirty-four care homes and eight agencies providing care in people's homes have closed in the past 12 months following regulatory action and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) says the system is about to get tougher.

Local accountability will drive better dementia services

Local organisations will be held to account and expected to publish how they are providing quality care for people with dementia, Care Service Minister Paul Burstow announced last week