Friday 14 December 2018
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Different kinds of physical activity shown to increase brain volume

A new study, from UCLA Medical Centre and University of Pittsburgh, suggests that a variety of physical activities, from walking, to gardening and dancing, can increase brain volume.

Bradford care staff refused to serve bacon sandwiches

Staff at a care home refused to give residents bacon sandwiches due to "cultural differences", a report said.

Devon care home woman in punishment room 200 times

A disabled woman in a care home was put into a so-called "punishment room" nearly 200 times, a court heard.

Doctors urge chancellor to increase social care funding

Fourteen doctors' leaders have written to George Osborne asking for further funding for social care in today's Budget.

Older people face 'double whammy' of unmet needs

Hundreds of thousands of older people are facing "double whammy" of unmet care needs and being chronically lonely.

Found dead under wardrobe' at Derbyshire care home

An 80-year-old woman with Alzheimer's Disease was found dead under a wardrobe that had fallen onto her at a care home, Derby Crown Court heard..