Sunday 17 December 2017
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Health and adult social care must embrace complaints to improve services

People could be being put off from making complaints about health and adult social care, which is leading to concerns not being identified and providers missing out on opportunities to improve their services.

Dehydration an issue for elderly people, says research

One in five older people living in care homes does not drink enough fluid, research suggests.

Home care services close to crisis

The home care system in England is close to crisis because of the way workers are exploited, a report says.

Orchid View scandal: Families say care homes 'have long way to go'

Relatives of elderly people who died at a scandal-hit care home in West Sussex have said their confidence in the system is yet to be restored.

Responding to the Autumn Statement, Charity Director of Age UK,

The importance of the NHS to older people and to our country cannot be overstated and it is in all our interests that the service is resourced to function effectively and meet older people's needs.

Dementia patients lack proper care, says report

Dementia sufferers are not getting the care they need because the condition is not recognised as a terminal illness, two leading charities have claimed.