Monday 17 December 2018
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Carer 'smeared excrement' on face of elderly dementia patient

A carer smeared excrement on the face of a mentally incapacitated man aged in his 90s, a court has heard.

Training in care homes reduces prescription of harmful anti-psychotics to people with dementia by a third

An innovative training programme for care home staff has cut the use of inappropriate anti-psychotic drugs, which double the risk of death in people with dementia, by a third.

Expanding choice and improving the quality of end of life care

A review of choice in end of life care has been launched to make sure adults at the end of life, their carers and family have more choice.

Employers sign up to Social Care Commitment

Adult social care employers are already signing up to the Social Care Commitment which has been launched to help improve care and support in the sector.

English councils facing 5.8bn shortfall, LGA warns

Councils in England have said they are facing a £5.8bn shortfall over the next two years.

Volunteers must care for elderly in neglectful UK minister says

Britain's "neglectful society" will need help from volunteers to cope with the rising number of elderly people, a government minister has said.