Friday 19 October 2018
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AFFiRis shows potential of AD04 as first disease modifier for people with Alzheimer's disease in phase II clinical study

AFFiRis is today announcing that ADO4 could be the first ever drug to demonstrate disease modifying properties in Alzheimer's patients.

LGA calls for five-year commitment to health and social care funding

A five-year commitment to transform health and social care funding is urgently needed to avoid the care system spiraling towards a deeper crisis, council leaders are warning.

LGO publishes complaints statistics on all English adult social care providers for first time

For the first time the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) is publishing its complaints statistics for private social care providers and local authorities in a report issued today.

Winterbourne View Patient relocation delay appalling

A UK government commitment to rehouse mentally ill patients closer to their families is to be missed.

Hertford sheltered housing woman undiscovered for three days

A Hertfordshire woman may have been dead for three days before being discovered at her warden-controlled home, her family have claimed.

World Dementia Council pledges to delay onset and progress of dementia by one year in less than a decade

The World Dementia Council has today announced their statement of purpose, outlining what they hope to achieve to tackle dementia globally.