Friday 14 December 2018
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Return your PCAs to CQC Quickly with MerciaCara Draft Provider Compliance Assessments

A set of 16 Draft Provider Compliance Assessments for each of the Core Outcomes with pre-amble and text allowing you to personalise your PCA for CQC.

Price £85.00 (No VAT) available on line at

MerciaCare – Compliance Assessment Audit Tools”

We have bundled together our popular CQC compliance Assessment Systems at a remarkable offer price of £195.00, available on line at

Bundle includes;
Draft Provider Compliance Assessments – 16 Core Outcomes
Draft Policy Statements, - All 28 outcomes
Infection Control Audit Tool to help providers comply with Outcome 8 - & The Health & Social Care Act 2008.
Self Assessment Audit Tool – Remaining 27 outcomes, to help providers meet the CQC Quality requirements.

Bundle price is £195.00 (No VAT) available on line at

Visit us at  or if you prefer; call us direct on 0845 890 8066.
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