Wednesday 17 October 2018
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The Care Quality Commission must go

he Care Quality Commission (CQC) should be scrapped, according to delegates at a special local medical council (LMC) meeting of British Medical Association (BMA) members.

Referring to recent revelations of alleged abuse at the Winterbourne care home, the members said that the CQC was "a thoroughly ineffective organisation and it should be abolished without delay". Dr Ivan Camphor of Mid Mersey LMC said there was "a national crisis of confidence in this organisation's ability to deliver on its functions".

However, chairing the debate Dr John Canning said: "Part of the problem isn't [the] CQC, it's the framework they've been given."

The main concerns in the discussion related to the new GP registration plans which were described by one delegate as a "nightmare".

And the Chairman of the BMA's GPs committee, Dr Laurence Buckman, said: "It is simply a tax on our income. If it is a tax that will ultimately depend on the taxman to pay up, why don't CQC and DH cut out the middle man and just let [the] Treasury give the CQC the money they require to do their job?"

He added: "Why doesn't the government amend the legislation to enable [the] CQC to be less prescriptive and make our lives easier? At present, the whole thing is too complex for its own good. It will be a creative writing exercise that will cost money and take GPs away from patient care. [The] CQC [has] announced a delay in GP registration, but we must get the method of funding sorted as well as the compliance process before the green light is turned on again."

Source Public Service