Wednesday 12 December 2018
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Westbury House nursing home closed following criticism

A nursing home has closed after a health watchdog found residents "were not protected from abuse and avoidable harm".

Residents were moved out of Westbury House near East Meon, Hampshire, following a Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection.

Inspectors said potential abuse had not been investigated, the home smelt of urine and staff were not vetted.

Owner Dr Usha Naqvi called the CQC "extremely unfair and unreasonable".

The March inspection, published in June, rated the home as inadequate and put it in special measures.

It found that its 33 residents "were not protected from abuse, because safeguarding concerns were not appropriately reported or investigated".

It added: "We found that staff had gaps in their employment history, references from friends and girlfriends, and one person had a criminal record which had not been risk assessed.

"People were not protected by the prevention and control of infection.

"Carpets were frayed and dirty and smelt of urine, floors were visibly soiled, walls and floor coverings indicated visible stains and discolouring with dirt and grime."

However, it highlighted that "people and their relatives felt that staff were kind and compassionate and treated them with respect".

Dr Naqvi said the home was usually "spotlessly clean" and criticised inspectors for visiting early in the day.

He added: "We have very good staff, but they wanted us to have even more staff. What more do they want? Blood?

"The residents were very sad to leave. It's a beautiful building in exquisite countryside and it was their home, the longest had been here for 30 years.

"They didn't want to go, they were crying, they wanted pictures taken with me. I said there's nothing I can do about it.

"Quality is important, not the quantity of the nursing staff."