Saturday 19 January 2019
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Get involved in Dementia Awareness Week

Alzheimer’s Society is launching Dementia Awareness Week on 20-26 May this year and we are counting down to the big event with two months to go.

There are three new faces for the week and you can find out more about them on the updated Remember the person pages. You can also find videos, information and a variety of resources that may be useful in raising awareness or fundraising during the week.

We'd  like all our supporters to get on board with the week to help us to raise awareness of dementia. We have created three A5 'Remember the person' template posters for you to download and create your own poster - either of yourself or on behalf of someone with dementia you know (with their permission of course). There's a choice of three 'Remember the person' fonts and each poster has a box to attach or include a drawing of or by the person and a space to write a few words about them - their story, interests, likes and dislikes. 

There will be events happening across the country during the week and we'd like as many posters as possible to be displayed in public places - if possible, on the same day. To find out about an event happening near you, get in touch with your local Alzheimer's Society office or email