Wednesday 16 January 2019
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Once again we have seen people secretly filmed in a care home abusing residents verbally and physically which brings the whole industry into disrepute. The actions of just a few people can undermine the high standards of care delivered  by the majority of the care providers. Is this an isolated case ? probably not, as an ex manager i saw plenty of plenty of signs that could have developed into something serious. It is important, to recognize the signs in staff and residents that could provide the potential for abuse to develop.

One thing that we sometimes fail acknowledge is that not all people in our care are "sweet little granny's with a happy smile"
but obnoxious, rude and aggressive people,  who have always been like that, they don't suddenly change when going into care.
Also many providers will concur that certain staff come with "baggage" problems at home, money problems, in abusive relationships, childcare problems the list is endless. As providers we sometimes fail to identify that a certain member of staff is under considerable stress, short or long term, this powerless member of staff with low self esteem then enters a residents room
- they are now the person with all the power.

Having said all the above, there is absolutely no accuse for any type of abuse, but it is so easy for a member of staff to drift into being abusive and for providers to miss it.

Some may think the above is simplistic, but should CQC's completely "Anal" obsession with paperwork and processes be missing
the importance of the psychology of social interaction between carer and resident.