Friday 22 March 2019
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Response to latest ONS report

Commenting on ‘Insights into Loneliness, Older People and Well-being, 2015 – published today by the ONS – Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director at Age UK said:

'This report provides yet more evidence that loneliness is rife in later life, particularly among the very oldest and most vulnerable.1 Loneliness blights the lives of far too many older people, casting a long shadow over their quality of life.

'Not only does loneliness make later life unbearably miserable, it’s awful for our health too. We know that lonely older people are more likely to suffer health problems and to require long-term care, have a higher use of medication and need to visit their GP more often. This means that loneliness is placing further pressure on the NHS and social care services – making it an issue the Government simply can’t afford to ignore.

'With an ageing population, loneliness in later life will continue to increase unless something changes. Truly, no one should have no one in our society and the Government must recognise loneliness and isolation in later life as the serious health hazards they are, and work with others, including charities and the NHS, to tackle them.'