Wednesday 16 January 2019
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CQC: experts in gobbledegook

CQC is recruiting “Compliance Inspectors”. The information for applicants makes interesting reading even if it contradicts CQC policy, and is written in incomprehensible jargon and very poor English.

One of the purposes of the job is to “ensure awarding quality ratings for adult social care providers.” Eh?

There’s a lot of “delivering” and “ensuring” of course. Inspectors are accountable for “product delivery” and delivering “essential standards of quality and safety”.

Compliance inspectors will “own the adult social care and other provider relationship and have autonomy in relation to risk-based scheduling of personal compliance activity, with the two year ‘planned reviews of compliance’ minimum.” (But have you noticed that recent “reviews of compliance” no longer have an inspector named on them? Accountability? Autonomy?)

And, in case you missed it first time round, Compliance Inspectors will “Award Quality Ratings for Adult Social Care”. But Compliance Inspectors will be accountable for maintaining an “Appropriate balance of proactive and planned working”. CQC used to call unannounced inspections with specific objectives “random” (the exact opposite of its normal meaning), so I wonder what “proactive” means? Perhaps it means “unplanned”?
Inspectors must “promote and adhere to information management policies and procedures” and “Quality Risk Profile (QRP) ‘ways of working’”, and “contribute to the knowledge base though (sic) qualitative data capture processes”. It is hard to believe that someone was paid to write this garbage.

The advertised salary is £35k, working from home, and inspecting (or “reviewing”) fifty or more varied care services including hospitals, home care agencies, dentists and care homes. Unlike the author of the job description, successful candidates will “have the ability to present complex information in an easily understood and accessible format”.

Surprisingly there’s no mention of essential standards of footwear. The job description must have been written before the Chief Executive’s astounding discovery (post Winterbourne View) that people want inspectors to visit care homes, or in her admirably direct phrase put “boots on the ground”. Perhaps more time was needed to translate this phrase into CQCese: “the proactive perambulation of provider premises”.

John Burton
The Association of Care Managers