Friday 22 March 2019
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National Care Association welcome the Migration Advisory Committees recommendation published

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has reluctantly recommended that nurses remain on the Government’s shortage occupation list (SOL) - while criticising the health sector for failing to maintain a sufficient supply of UK nurses. 
In its latest report, Partial Review of the Shortage Occupation List: Review of nursing, published today the Committee says the current shortage of nurses is mostly down to factors which could, and should, have been anticipated by the health, care and independent sectors. 

Chairman, Nadra Ahmed OBE said ‘one of the primary challenges facing social care providers providing Care with Nursing is the recruitment and retention of qualified nurses. For social care providers this is exasperated by the chronic funding crisis which appears to have been totally ignored by government. There is no doubt that keeping nurses on the shortage list will enable providers to seek quality nurses from abroad to fill the gaps we have because any new training initiative will take some years to redress the balance, thereby safeguarding the quality of the services provided.”