Tuesday 23 April 2019
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Ed Balls blasts 'reckless' migration cap

Ed Balls has said the introduction of a temporary immigration cap appeared "reckless and chaotic" - after a High Court ruled it was done unlawfully.

Care homes win fees row with Pembrokeshire Council

A council will have to pay higher fees for residents at four private care homes, a court has ruled.

Care home operator fined over Grimsby man's death

A care home company has been fined £80,000 after the death of a patient as a result of "inappropriate and dangerous" restraint techniques.

Dementia patient 'did not get proper care'

An elderly man with Alzheimer's was left dehydrated and without proper personal care while being treated at a home specialising in looking after dementia patients.

Without a destination guidance is useless

Care managers are as much overwhelmed by guidance as they are by bureaucracy. It's not that the guidance itself is bad, much of it can be extremely helpful; indeed, not all of the bureaucracy is unnecessary.

Interim Immigration Cap unlawful High Court Judges Rule

As reported yesterday by Immigration Matters the High Court in London confirmed the expected further hammer blow to Home Secretary Theresa May's troubled plans for a interim cap on UK immigration.