Thursday 18 July 2019
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Why are care homes short of registered managers?

Care homes are short of registered managers partly because the CQC has been too busy with their new registration system to register managers! Yet, Cynthia Bower, the chief executive of the CQC says that this puts residents of care homes at risk, but seems unwilling to admit that it is her own organisation has put them at risk.

Nearly 1,000 care homes are without a registered manager, says regulator

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) said today (8 October) that nearly 1,000 residential care homes do not have a registered manager in place, despite this being a requirement of the new Health and Social Care Act 2008.

Severe neglect' before deaths at Northampton care home

Five elderly people who died within two weeks of each other at a care home in Northampton suffered "severe neglect", an official inquiry has concluded.

Post-hospital care given extra £70m

More money is being made available to the NHS in order to improve care for elderly people who are discharged from hospitals in England.

Hundreds of thousands could gain access to Alzheimers treatments

Hundreds of thousands of people with Alzheimers disease who have been denied medical treatment could soon be given access to life-changing drugs on the NHS.

CQC seeks boost in credibility

Just when the shambles of re-registration is about to be revealed, the Care Quality Commission has attempted to divert attention by releasing misleading information about"taking strong measures to protect people"