Saturday 16 February 2019
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Study shows there is still no evidence that Alzheimers disease is contagious Alzheimers Society comment

A new study showed possibilities for the amyloid protein to be transferred through a rare medical procedure that was phased out over 35 years ago.A study published today in Nature showed that it is possible for the amyloid protein to be transferred to people through a rare medical procedure that was phased out over 35 years ago.

Portsmouth care homes to close to balance budget

Two council-run care homes have been earmarked for closure in Portsmouth as part of plans to save money.

£16 million European collaboration paves the way for new research

UK Funders, including Alzheimer"s Society, have united with 15 countries across Europe, Australia and Canada to support international research collaborations into diseases of the brain, including those that cause dementia.The latest Joint Programme " Neurodegenerative Disease (JPND) funding awards represent a ?¬17.5 million (approx. £15.75 million) investment over the next three years.

Response to new excess winter death figures equating to 379 older people a day

New figures released by the ONS show that over the winter of 2017-18 there were nearly 46,000 excess winter deaths among people aged 65 and over. Excess winter deaths compares the number of deaths between December and March to those during the rest of the year.

Toddlers help 'light up' faces of care home residents

The Grand Old Duke of York" rarely segues into "It's a long way to Tipperary" at parent and toddler groups. But at a nursing home in Cardiff, residents are passing on some of their favourites to the next generation

The Progressive Policy Think Tank - Fair care: A workforce strategy for social care

Adult social care is an essential public service and a growing part of our economy. However, the social care system in England faces a workforce crisis which is set to grow in the coming years; by 2028, we estimate there will be a shortage of over 400,000 workers in social care.