Friday 22 March 2019
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Retail Therapy = Care Home Activity

Personal Shopping for Choice, Dignity & Respect

Shop With Care provides a practical activity which anyone can deliver and combines it with a unique fundraising opportunity!

For a £20 membership fee, Shop With Care Personal Shoppers receive a unique membership number entitling them to 20% off all orders, access to free training events and special offers on a regular basis. Activity provision is important to the Shop With Care team who encourage Personal Shoppers to use the generous 20% commission to boost activity budgets within their own care settings.

The visual Shop With Care A3 Lookbook is especially designed for people with sight limitations and cognitive problems as it has NO words, just images to stimulate thoughts and promote interaction. As well as being able to access the information from the website, Personal Shoppers have a more traditional catalogue containing the product numbers, colours and sizes etc. and Shop With Care prices are all “Round Pounds” making ordering/collecting commission nice and simple.

Shopping is an important activity and volunteers, family members and care teams can support a relaxed shopping experience in a manner which will address and uphold the Shop With Care values of Choice, Dignity and Respect whilst providing a new chance for social interaction.

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