Friday 22 March 2019
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Vitamin B could help with memory problems, says research

Taking vitamin B could delay the progression of cognitive decline, according to two studies presented at the British Science Festival in Bradford last week.

Researchers at the University of Oxford looked at people with mild cognitive impairment - 168 people in the first study and 266 in the second. Participants took vitamin B, and the scientists measured any changes in their cognitive function. The research found that vitamin B appeared to slow cognitive decline in those taking part in the studies.

Alzheimer's Society comment:

'We all know it's important to get enough vitamins, and these interesting studies add weight to the argument that vitamin B is good for our brains. However, people shouldn't rush out and empty the shelves of vitamin B tablets. More research is needed to establish whether it has benefits for people without existing memory problems, and if it could prevent dementia.

The best way to reduce your risk of dementia is to take regular exercise and eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables. It's also important to get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked regularly.'

Professor Robin Jacoby

Research author and Alzheimer's Society trustee